Success Stories

  • Margaret: I loved the motivation and information from the dietitian, it wasn't about the money
  • Kate: Its really a way to reward yourself for losing weight
  • Matthew: Since losing weight, my kids have been picking up healthy lifestyle changes
  • Arlene: My husband and I are both losing weight and making better choices everyday, we have gone
  • Earl: I never knew the information I learned from my dietitian and I had heard diavetes education for years!
  • Robert: I have piece of mind knowing that physically I can do almost anything that I want, and that my weight is no longer holding me back
  • Barbara: Being able to fit into smaller clothes puts a smile on my face
  • Brian: I never feel like I'm alone, I cam connect with my dietitian instantly
  • Ivy: Since working with my dietitian my HbA1c has lowered to 5! My doctor has taken me off of medication for diabetes!