10 Common Reasons to Visit a Registered Dietitian

You Need to Gain or Lose Weight

South Beach Fan? Atkins? Flexitarian Diet? Mind Diet? Volumetrics Diet? Low-Carb DIet? or Weight Watchers? Tried them all? Wondering what is true? Fad diets may sound like the quick ticket to weight gain or loss, but they rarely work for very long. An RDN can suggest supplements, meal types and food sources with more than fat, carbs, and fat information for healthy weight gain or loss plan, including diet changes and physical activity — while still eating all your favorite foods. Our strategies are for a lifetime of benefits for your health and well-being that will also keep you fit and active, so you can achieve more out of life with good nutrition!

You Want Help Managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Other Chronic Diseases

RDN can help you understand your diabetes and how it is reversible in many cases depending on severity and type.  An RDN can interpret tests and result to you in a meaningful way so you can decide which option is best for you in managing your condition. RDN works with you to create eating plans that have the nutrients needed to manage your condition and to reduce or eliminate medications as possible.

You Are Thinking of Having or Have Had Gastric Bypass Surgery

Are you sure you have tried everything before having gastric bypass surgery? BMI is not the only factor to consider. You must consult with an RDN to assess your individual information, so you can make the most informed decision. After surgery, your stomach can only manage small servings and it is intentional nutrition habits to get the nutrients that your body needs and keep the weight down. As a part of your health care team, an RDN helps you make changes to your eating plan without settling for less taste.

You Have Digestive Problems

Working closely with you and your doctor, a registered dietitian nutritionist helps identify the causes and interventions you need to get healthy again. Guidance can help you make choices that do not aggravate your condition. For example, correcting gastritis, constipation, Chron’s, Celiac’s or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Unsure what you can eat because of celiac disease, food allergies, lactose intolerance, or another condition? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what you think you can’t eat. And, that can lead to a boring diet that doesn’t give your body the nutrition it needs. An RDN can teach you strategies about identifying foods to avoid and help you find substitutions to keep your diet balanced and tasty.

You’re Pregnant, Trying to Get Pregnant, or a New Mom

Meet with an RDN to make sure you get the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. And, after the baby comes, a registered dietitian nutritionist can help make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need for you and your little one, especially if you are breastfeeding or trying to manage a health concern.

Your Teenager Has Issues with Food and Eating Healthfully

As part of the treatment team, RDNs counsel individuals with eating disorders such as anorexia, orthorexia, and bulimia.

Aging Healthily 

An RDN can help with anti-inflammatory foods and supplements for healthy aging to be without drugs or surgery.  You can achieve better health if you start young and it is never too late to start!  Also, antioxidant nutrition and latest research findings for supplements and foods that work based on your goals of conserving muscle and health and aging healthily applied.

You Want Practical Lifestyle Advice

Need help sorting through the facts and fiction of nutrition headlines? Learn how to read labels at the supermarket, discover how healthy cooking can be inexpensive, learn how to dine out without ruining your eating plan and how to resist workplace temptations. When you see an RDN, the last thing you’ll get is one-size-fits-all diet advice. After learning about your health history, favorite foods, eating and exercise habits, an RDN will help you set goals and prioritize. Follow-up visits will focus on maintenance and monitoring your progress. You can sign up for grocery shopping tours, cooking demos and education and so much more!

You Want to Improve Your Performance in Sports

A RDN can personalize a diet and exercise plan and help you achieve results for organized sports like soccer, running long distance races, skiing, mountain climbing — or jogging with your dog.  You have to eat right to exercise and keep it going for years.